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  • 2: Relaxing Regression for a Heuristic GOLOG
      Michelle Blom, Adrian Pearce
  • 3: Onto.PT: Automatic Construction of a Lexical Ontology for Portuguese
      Hugo Goncalo Oliveira, Paulo Gomes
  • 4: Obligationes as Formal Dialogue Systems
      Sara L. Uckelman
  • 5: Probabilistic Logic with Conditional Independence Formulae
      Magdalena Ivanovska, Martin Giese
  • 7: A Comparison of Computer Game Behavior Control Systems for Background Characters in a Simulated Hospital Environment
      Colm Sloan, Brian Mac Namee, John D. Kelleher
  • 8: Detection of Health Problems through Gait Patterns of Elderly
      Bogdan Pogorelc
  • 10: Difficulty Rating of Sokoban Puzzle
      Petr Jarusek, Radek Pelanek
  • 11: Modal Access Control Logic: Axiomatization, Semantics and FOL Theorem Proving
      Valerio Genovese, Dov Gabbay, Leon van der Torre, Daniele Rispoli
  • 12: Cancer Classification using SVM-boosted Multiobjective Differential Fuzzy Clustering
      Indrajit Saha, Ujjwal Maulik, Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, Dariusz Plewczynski
  • 13: Towards Effective 'Any-Time' Music Tracking
      Andreas Arzt, Gerhard Widmer
  • 15: Improving the efficiency of ontology engineering by introducing prototypicality
      Xavier Aime, Frederic Furst, Pascale Kuntz, Francky Trichet
  • 16: MEC - Monitoring Clusters' Transitions
      Marcia Oliveira, Joao Gama
  • 17: Fair Mechanisms for Recurrent Multi Unit Combinatorial Auctions
      Javier Murillo, Beatriz Lopez
  • 18: The Advantages of Seed Examples in First-Order Multi-class Subgroup Discovery
      Tarek Abudawood, Peter Flach
  • 20: Dealing with the dynamics of proof-standard in argumentation-based decision aiding
      Wassila Ouerdane, Nicolas Maudet, Alexis Tsoukias
  • 23: On-line ADL Recognition with Prior Knowledge
      Jonas Ullberg, Silvia Coradeschi, Federico Pecora
  • 24: A much better polynomial time approximation of consistency in the LR calculus
      Dominik Luecke, Till Mossakowski
  • 25: Confluent Term Rewriting for Only-knowing Logics
      Espen H. Lian, Arild Waaler, Einar Broch Johnsen
  • 26: Generative structure learning for Markov Logic Networks
      Quang-Thang Dinh, Matthieu Exbrayat, Christel Vrain
  • 27: Maintaining Arc Consistency in Non-Binary Dynamic CSPs using Simple Tabular Reduction
      Matthieu Queva, Christian W. Probst, Laurent Ricci
  • 29: Domain Independent Goal Recognition
      David Pattison, Derek Long
  • 30: Ontology-Based Document and Query Representation may Improve Information Retrieval
      Mauro Dragoni, Celia da Costa Pereira, Andrea G.B. Tettamanz
  • 31: Learning Fuzzy Models of User Interests in a Semantic Information Retrieval System
      Mauro Dragoni, Celia da Costa Pereira, Andrea G.B. Tettamanzi
  • 32: The Decidability of RPTL
      Fahad Khan
  • 33: "Do you trust me or not?" - Trust games in agent societies
      Rui Figueiredo, Joao Carmo, Rui Prada
  • 34: POMDP solving: what rewards do you really expect at execution?
      Caroline Ponzoni Carvalho Chanel, Jean-Loup Farges, Florent Teichteil-Konigsbuch, Guillaume Infantes
  • 35: User-based Collaborative Filtering: Sparsity and Performance
      Jennifer Redpath, David Glass, Sally McClean, Luke Chen
  • 36: A Workbench for Anytime Reasoning by Ontology Approximation With a case study on instance retrieval
      Gaston Tagni, Stefan Schlobach, Annette ten Teije, Frank van Harmelen, Georgios Karafotias
  • 38: Relational Graph Mining for Discovering Events from Video
      Muralikrishna Sridhar, Anthony G. Cohn, David C. Hogg
  • 41: Strategic planning through topological inference in the game of Go. A non-linear oscillator network model
      Nicholas Wilkinson, Terry Bossomaier, Mike Harre, Allan Snyder
  • 43: Merging and Splitting for Power Indices in Weighted Voting Games and Network Flow Games on Hypergraphs
      Anja Rey, Jorg Rothe
  • 44: Bidding Heuristics for Ad Auctions with Applications to TAC AA
      Jordan Berg, Amy Greenwald, Victor Naroditskiy, Eric Sodomka
  • 45: Ensemble Based Filtering Approaches to Class Noise Detection
      Borut Sluban, Dragan Gamberger, Nada Lavrac