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If you are an author, please see below some guidelines for your forthcoming presentation at ECAI 2010.

See you in Lisbon!

  1. Paper authors will have a total of 24 MINUTES for their presentation, including questions -- aim to present for 20 minutes, and leave about 4 minutes for questions. At the end of some sessions, there will be some slack time, which can be used for further discussion if needed.
  2. Presentation rooms will be equipped with a PC running Windows, MS Office, a PDF viewer, web browser, and a live internet connection.
  3. You should bring your presentation on a Windows-compatible USB memory stick [the preferred option] or a Windows-readable CD.
  4. Please go to the presentation room at least 10 minutes before the session begins and introduce yourself to the session chair. Check your presentation works correctly before the session begins, so you are ready to start immediately.
  5. Please start promptly (people will straggle in throughout the talk, so don't wait).
  6. Please observe the schedule strictly and cooperate with the session chair.
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