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  • 7: Computation in Extended Argumentation Frameworks
     Paul Dunne, Sanjay Modgil, Trevor Bench-Capon
  • 20: Social Recommendation with Interpersonal Influence
     Junming Huang, Jiafeng Guo, Huawei Shen, Kun Yang, Xueqi Cheng
  • 27: Verifying Properties of Infinite Sequences of Description Logic Actions
     Franz Baader, Hongkai Liu, Anees ul Mehdi
  • 30: An Axiom System for a Spatial Logic with Convexity
     Adam Trybus
  • 43: Analysis of Inverse Reinforcement Learning with Perturbed Demonstrations
     Francisco Melo, Ricardo Ferreira, Manuel Lopes
  • 45: Case-Based Multiagent Reinforcement Learning: Cases as Heuristics for Selection of Actions
     Reinaldo Bianchi, Ramon Lopez de Mantaras
  • 46: An Efficient Procedure for Multi-agent Negotiation with CP-nets
     Minyi Li, Bao Vo, Ryszard Kowalczyk
  • 53: Temporal Relations Learning with a Bootstrapped Cross-document Classifier
     Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel, Gholamreza Ghassem-Sani
  • 56: Behavior-oriented Commitment-based Protocols
     Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Elisa Marengo
  • 65: Foundations of Tree-like Local Model Updates
     Yan Zhang, Michael Kelly, Yi Zhou
  • 67: Diagnosing Process Trajectories Under Partially Known Behavior
     Gerhard Friedrich, Wolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner
  • 68: Decision-theoretic Optimal Sampling with Hidden Markov Random Fields
     Regis Sabbadin, Nathalie peyrard
  • 91: Mining Outliers with Adaptive Cutoff Update and Space Utilization (RACAS)
     Chi-Cheong Szeto, Edward Hung
  • 92: Adaptive Branching for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
     Thanasis Balafoutis, Kostas Stergiou
  • 97: A note on the complexity of some multiobjective A* search algorithms
     Lawrence Mandow, José_Luis Pérez-de-la-Cruz
  • 111: Combining Local and Global KNN With Cotraining
     Víctor Laguna, Alneu Lopes
  • 112: Parallel Model Checking for Epistemic Logics
     Marta Kwiatkowska, Alessio Lomuscio, Hongyang Qu
  • 124: ISAC -- Instance-Specific Algorithm Configuration
     Serdar Kadioglu, Yuri Malitsky, Meinolf Sellmann, Kevin Tierney
  • 125: Automating Layouts of Sewers in Subdivisions
     Neil Burch, Robert Holte, Martin Mueller, David O'Connell, Jonathan Schaeffer
  • 136: Designing a Successful Adaptive Agent for TAC Ad Auction
     Meng Chang, Minghua He, Xudong Luo
  • 139: Computational Aspects of Extending Shapley Value to Coalitional Games with Externalities
     Tomasz Michalak, Macin Szamotulski, Dorota Marciniak, Talal Rahwan, Nicholas R. Jennings
  • 146: Event Model Learning from Complex Videos using ILP
     Krishna Dubba, Anthony Cohn, David Hogg
  • 148: LP Solvable Models for Multiagent Fair Allocation problems
     Julien Lesca, Patrice Perny
  • 153: Automatic free-text-tagging of online news archives
     Richárd Farkas, Berend Gabor, István Hegedűs, András Kárpáti, Balázs Krich
  • 162: Symmetries of Symmetry Breaking Constraints
     George Katsirelos, Toby Walsh
  • 168: Enriching EL-Concepts with Greatest Fixpoints
     Carsten Lutz, Robert Piro, Frank Wolter
  • 177: Learning better together : the roles of broadcast and forgetness
     Gauvain Bourgne, Henry Soldano, Amal EL Fallah Seghrouchni
  • 188: An Equilibrium Analysis of Competing Double Auction Marketplaces using Fictitious Play
     Bing Shi, Enrico Gerding, Perukrishnen Vytelingum, Nicholas R. Jennings
  • 191: An Argumentation-based Approach to Database Repair
     Emanuel Santos, João Pavão Martins, Helena Galhardas
  • 197: An Empirical Study of the Manipulability of Single Transferable Voting
     Toby Walsh
  • 202: On the Verification of Very Expressive Temporal Properties of Non-terminating Golog Programs
     Jens Classen, Gerhard Lakemeyer
  • 215: Soft Nearest Convex Hull Classifier
     Georgi Nalbantov, Evgueni Smirnov
  • 216: Logical Ontology Validation Using an Automatic Theorem Prover
     Tim vor der Brück, Holger Stenzhorn
  • 232: Improving Hierarchical Classification with Partial Labels
     Nam Nguyen
  • 233: Diagnosability Analysis of Discrete Events Systems with Autonomous Components
     Lina Ye, Philippe DAGUE
  • 236: Recognising Agent Behaviour During Variable Length Activities
     Rolf Baxter, David Lane
  • 238: Variable Level-Of-Detail Motion Planning in Environments with Poorly Predictable Bodies
     Stefan Zickler, Manuela Veloso
  • 246: Parallel TBox Classification in Description Logics - First Experimental Results
     Mina Aslani, Volker Haarslev
  • 247: Fair Division under Ordinal Preferences: Computing Envy-Free Allocations of Indivisible Goods
     Sylvain Bouveret, Ulle Endriss, Jerome Lang
  • 249: Using Domain Knowledge to Guide Lattice-based Complex Data Exploration
     Nizar Messai, Marie-Dominique Devignes, Amedeo Napoli, Malika Smail-Tabbone
  • 261: Deep Reasoning in Clarification Dialogues with Mobile Robots
     Cui Jian, Desislava Zhekova, Hui Shi, John Bateman
  • 265: Feature Selection by Approximating the Markov Blanket in a Kernel-Induced Space
     Qiang Lou, Zoran Obradovic
  • 268: Detecting Ironic Intent in Creative Comparisons
     Tony Veale, Yanfen Hao
  • 273: Strengthening Landmark Heuristics via Hitting Sets
      Blai Bonet, Malte Helmert
  • 274: Adaptive Gaussian Process for Short-Term Wind Speed Forecasting
     Xiaoqian Jiang, Bing Dong
  • 278: Learning to Author Text with textual CBR
     Ibrahim Adeyanju, Nirmalie Wiratunga, Juan Recio-Garcia, Robert Lothian
  • 279: The Complexity of Epistemic Model Checking: Clock Semantics and Branching Time
     Huang Xiaowei, Ron van der Meyden
  • 293: Predicting Responsiveness of BDI Agent
     Huiliang Zhang
  • 296: Tableau-based Forgetting in ALC Ontologies
     Zhe Wang, Kewen Wang, Xiaowang Zhang, Rodney Topor
  • 298: LTL Goal Specifications Revisited
     Patrik Haslum, Andreas Bauer
  • 310: Is it Possible to Model Check Resource-Bounded Agents? Part I: (Un)decidablity
     Nils Bulling, Berndt Farwer
  • 312: Brothers in Arms? On AI Planning and Cellular Automata
     Joerg Hoffmann, Nazim Fates, Hector Palacios
  • 314: Dynamic Matching with a Fall-back Option
     Sujit Gujar, David Parkes
  • 327: Bayesian Monte Carlo for the Global Optimization of Expensive Functions
     Perry Groot, Adriana Birlutiu, Tom Heskes
  • 328: Cross-Domain Contextualisation of Sentiment Lexicons
     Stefan Gindl, Albert Weichselbraun, Arno Scharl
  • 336: Propagation of Opinions in Structural Graphs
     Nardine Osman, Carles Sierra, Jordi Sabater-Mir
  • 353: Uncertainty Propagation for Efficient Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
     Alexander Hans, Steffen Udluft
  • 359: Adaptive Markov Logic Networks: Learning Statistical Relational Models with Dynamic Parameters
     Dominik Jain, Andreas Barthels, Michael Beetz
  • 362: On Semantic Update Operators for Answer-Set Programs
     Martin Slota, João Leite
  • 368: Multitask Kernel-based Learning with Logic Constraints
     Michelangelo Diligenti, Marco Gori, Marco Maggini, Leonardo Rigutini, Leonardo Rigutini
  • 374: Stream-Based Reasoning Support for Autonomous Systems
     Fredrik Heintz, Jonas Kvarnström, Patrick Doherty
  • 377: Sound and Complete Landmarks for And/Or Graphs
     Emil Keyder, Silvia Richter, Malte Helmert
  • 380: Classifier Ensemble using Multiobjective Optimization for Named Entity Recognition
     Asif Ekbal, Sriparna Saha
  • 383: Hybrid Continuous Max-Sum Algorithms for Decentralised Coordination
     Thomas Voice, Ruben Stranders, Alex Rogers, Nicholas R. Jennings
  • 392: Tractable Reasoning with DL-Programs over Datalog-rewritable Description Logics
     Stijn Heymans, Thomas Eiter, Guohui Xiao
  • 401: Landmarks in Hierarchical Planning
     Mohamed Elkawkagy, Bernd Schattenberg, Susanne Biundo
  • 409: Context-Specific Independence in Directed Relational Probabilistic Models
     Daan Fierens
  • 423: Abduction of distributed theories through local interactions
     Gauvain Bourgne, Nicolas Maudet, Katsumi Inoue
  • 427: Boosting Clustering by Active Constraint Selection
     Viet-Vu Vu, Nicolas Labroche, Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier
  • 435: Using background knowledge to support coreference resolution
     Volha Bryl, Claudio Giuliano, Luciano Serafini, Kateryna Tymoshenko
  • 440: On Testing Answer-Set Programs
     Tomi Janhunen, Ilkka Niemelä, Johannes Oetsch, Joerg Puehrer, Hans Tompits
  • 448: Constraint Based Planning with Composable Substate Graphs
     Peter Gregory, Derek Long, Maria Fox
  • 449: Modeling the problem of many hands in organisations
  • 450: Extending Clause Learning DPLL with Parity Reasoning
     Tero Laitinen, Tommi Junttila, Ilkka Niemela
  • 453: Optimal Tableaux for Conditional Logics with Cautious Monotonicity
     Lutz Schröder, Dirk Pattinson, Daniel Hausmann
  • 456: Integrating Bipolar Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology in Description Logics for Spatial Reasoning
     Céline HUDELOT, Jamal Atif, Isabelle Bloch
  • 459: Semantics for the Jason Variant of AgentSpeak (Plan Failure and some Internal Actions)
     Rafael Bordini, Jomi Hubner
  • 470: Learning When to Use Lazy Learning in Constraint Solving
     Ian Gent, Chris Jefferson, Lars Kotthoff, Ian Miguel, Neil Moore, Peter Nightingale, Karen Petrie
  • 478: BnB-ADOPT+ with Several Soft AC Levels
     Patricia Gutierrez, Pedro Meseguer
  • 480: The epistemic view of belief merging: can we track the truth?
     Patricia Everaere, Sebastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis
  • 481: Solving Pseudo-Boolean Modular Constraints
     Carlos Ansótegui, Ramón Béjar, Cèsar Fernández, Francesc Guitart, Carles Mateu
  • 486: ProbLog Technology for Inference in a Probabilistic First Order Logic
     Maurice Bruynooghe, Luc De Raedt, Gerda Janssens, Angelika Kimmig, Theofrastos Mantadelis, Joost Vennekens
  • 490: Learning conditionally lexicographic preference relations
     Richard Booth, Yann Chevaleyre, Jerome Lang, Jerome Mengin, Chattrakul Sombattheera
  • 494: Higher-Order Coalition Logic
     Valerio Genovese, Guido Boella, Dov Gabbay, Leendert van der Torre
  • 503: Active Testing Strategy to Predict the Best Classification Algorithm via Sampling and Metalearning
     Rui Leite, Pavel Brazdil
  • 534: Top-Down Algorithms for Constructing Structured DNNF: Theoretical and Practical Implications
     Knot Pipatsrisawat, Adnan Darwiche
  • 538: The Dynamics of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
     Luke Dickens, Krysia Broda, Alessandra Russo
  • 541: Min-based causal possibilistic networks : Handling interventions and analyzing the possibilistic co
     Karim Tabia, Salem Benferhat
  • 543: Computing Data Semantics of WSDL Specifications via Gradient Boosting
     Alexandros Valarakos, George Vouros
  • 544: Constraint-based Controller Synthesis in Non-Deterministic and Partially Observable Domains
     Cedric Pralet, Gérard Verfaillie, Michel Lemaître, Guillaume Infantes
  • 552: Optimal Task Migration in Service-Oriented Systems: Algorithms and Mechanisms
     Sebastian Stein, Enrico Gerding, Nicholas R. Jennings
  • 553: Kernel-Based Hybrid Random Fields for Nonparametric Density Estimation
     Antonino Freno, Edmondo Trentin, Marco Gori
  • 555: The Complexity of Handling Minimal Solutions in Logic-Based Abduction
     Reinhard Pichler, Stefan Woltran
  • 556: On the stability of an Optimal Coalition Structure
     Stephane Airiau, Sandip Sen
  • 557: Addressing the Exposure Problem of Bidding Agents Using Flexibly Priced Options
     Valentin Robu, Ioannis Vetsikas , Enrico Gerding, Nicholas R. Jennings
  • 561: Fast Local Search for Fuzzy Job Shop Scheduling
     Jorge Puente, Camino R Vela, Ines Gonzalez Rodriguez
  • 571: Knowledge Compilation Using Interval Automata and Applications to Planning
     Alexandre Niveau, Hélène Fargier, Cédric Pralet, Gérard Verfaillie
  • 574: Modelling Multilateral Negotiation in Linear Logic
     Daniele Porello, Ulle Endriss
  • 577: On the Use of Logical Interactions for Establishing Decomposability
     Knot Pipatsrisawat, Adnan Darwiche
  • 579: Metric Propositional Neighborhood Logics: Expressiveness, Decidability, and Undecidability
     Davide Bresolin, Dario Della Monica, Valentin Goranko, Angelo Montanari, Guido Sciavicco
  • 581: A Common Computational Framework for Semiring-based Argumentation Systems
     Stefano Bistarelli, Francesco Santini
  • 584: Regression Learning with Multiple Noisy Oracles
     Kosta Ristovski, Debasish Das, Vladimir Ouzienko, Yuhong Guo, Zoran Obradovic
  • 587: Iterative Bounding LAO*
     Håkan Warnquist, Jonas Kvarnström, Patrick Doherty
  • 604: EA^2: The Winning Strategy for the Inaugural Lemonade Stand Game Tournament
     Adam M. Sykulski, Archie Chapman, Enrique Munoz de Cote, Nicholas R. Jennings
  • 609: A Decentralised Symbolic Diagnosis Approach
     Anika Schumann, Yannick Pencolé, Sylvie Thiébaux
  • 611: Complexity of Axiom Pinpointing in the DL-Lite Family of Description Logics
     Rafael Peñaloza, Baris Sertkaya
  • 614: Opinion Question Answering: Towards a Unified Approach
     Alexandra Balahur, Ester Boldrini, Andrés Montoyo, Patricio Martínez-Barco
  • 617: Majority Merging: from Boolean Spaces to Affine Spaces
     Jean-François Condotta, Souhila Kaci, Pierre Marquis, Nicolas Schwind
  • 619: Relative-Order Abstractions for the Pancake Problem
     Malte Helmert, Gabriele Röger
  • 623: The Necessity of Bounded Treewidth for Efficient Inference in Bayesian Networks
     Johan H.P. Kwisthout, Hans L. Bodlaender, Linda van der Gaag
  • 627: Compiling Uncertainty Away in Non-Deterministic Conformant Planning
     Alexandre Albore, Héctor Palacios, Hector Geffner
  • 632: Unsupervised Layer-wise Model Selection in Deep Neural Networks
     Ludovic Arnold, Hélène Paugam-Moisy, Michele Sebag
  • 641: Belief-Goal Relationships in Possibilistic Goal Generation
     Célia da Costa Pereira, Andrea Tettamanzi
  • 643: Introducing Personality into Team Dynamics
     Prada Rui, Samuel Ma, João Camilo
  • 660: Planning with Concurrency under Resources and Time Uncertainty
     Eric Beaudry, Froduald Kabanza, Francois Michaud
  • 680: Learning Aggregation Functions for Expert Search
     Cummins Ronan, Mounia Lalmas, Colm O'Riordan
  • 681: On Computing Backbones of Propositional Theories
     Joao Marques-Silva, Mikolas Janota, Ines Lynce
  • 682: From Bursty Patterns to Bursty Facts: The effectiveness of temporal text mining for news
     Ilija Subasic, Berendt Bettina
  • 690: A Unified Framework for Non-standard Reasoning Services in Description Logics
     Simona Colucci, Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco Donini, Azzurra Ragone
  • 695: Analyzing Flexible Timeline-based Plans
     Amedeo Cesta, Alberto Finzi, Simone Fratini, AndreA Orlandini, Enrico Tronci
  • 705: Implicit Learning of Compiled Macro-Actions for Planning
     M.A.Hakim Newton, John Levine
  • 707: Kernel Methods for Revealed Preference Analysis
     Sebastien Lahaie
  • 715: Linear Logic for Non-Linear Storytelling
     Anne-Gwenn Bosser, Marc Cavazza, Ronan Champagnat
  • 728: Recommendations Over Domain Specific User Graphs
     Makoto Nakatsuji, Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Akimichi Tanaka, Tadasu Uchiyama, Toru Ishida
  • 732: Contract Search : Heuristic Search under Node Expansion Constraints
     Sandip Aine
  • 734: Continuous Conditional Random Fields for Regression in Remote Sensing
     Vladan Radosavljevic, Slobodan Vucetic, Zoran Obradovic
  • 761: Extraction of Places Related to Flickr Tags
     Yukino Baba, Fuyuki Ishikawa, Shinichi Honiden
  • 764: A Very Fast Method for Clustering Big Text Datasets
     Frank Lin, William W. Cohen
  • 768: EP for Efficient Stochastic Control with Obstacles
     Thomas Mensink, Jakob Verbeek, Bert Kappen
  • 789: Open-ended Grounded Semantics
     Michael Spranger, Martin Loetzsch, Simon Pauw
  • 800: A NEAT Way for Evolving Echo State Networks
     Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou, Pericles Mitkas
  • 804: Mental State Ascription Using Dynamic Logic
     Michal Sindlar, Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Meyer
  • 811: Multi Grain Sentiment Analysis using Collective Classification
     Shivashankar S, Ravindran B
  • 812: Describing the Result of a Classifier to the End-User: Geometric-based Sensitivity
     Isabelle Alvarez, Sophie Martin, Salma Mesmoudi
  • 822: Acquisition of Grammar in Autonomous Artificial Systems
     Kateryna Gerasymova, Michael Spranger