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  • 1: Using Crowdsourcing and Active Learning to Track Sentiment in Online Media
     Anthony Brew, Derek Greene, Padraig Cunningham
  • 9: Classification of Dreams Using Machine Learning
      Stan Matwin, Amir Razavi, Joseph De Koninck, Ray Reza Amini
  • 10: An Iterative A* Algorithm for Planning of Airport Ground Movements
      Charles LESIRE
  • 11: Using Bayesian Networks in an Industrial Setting: Making Printing Systems Adaptive
      Arjen Hommersom, Peter Lucas
  • 12: Multiscale Adaptive Agent-Based Management of Storage-Enabled Photovoltaic Facilities
      Rongxin Li, Peter Wang
  • 13: Non-Intrusive Detection of Driver visual Distraction using Machine Learning Algorithms
      Fabio Tango, Marco Botta, Luca Minin, Roberto Montanari
  • 14: Interval Forecast of Water Quality Parameters
      Orlando Ohashi, Luis Torgo, Rita Ribeiro
  • 15: Context-aware Media Agent for Public Spaces
      Ichiro Satoh
  • 17: Datamining for Biodiversity Prediction in Forests
      Barry O'Sullivan, Steven Keady, Sandra Irwin, John O'Halloran
  • 18: A Fault-model-based Debugging Aid for Data Warehouse Applications
      Peter Struss, Vikas Shivashankar, Mohamed Zahoor
  • 24: Learning and Meta-Learning for Coordination of Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles
      Predrag Tosic, Ricardo Vilalta
  • 27: Identifying Necessary Reactions in Metabolic Pathways by Minimal Model Generation
      Takehide Soh, Katsumi Inoue